Why pricell

Get Your Offer Cost
& Price Accurate

Use bullet-proof algorithms
to calculate your cost, marge and price

Store Your
Cost & Price Securely

Store securely all your cost and  price calculations with easy to search engine by customers, projects or calculation status

Share Your

Send link with cost and price calculation to your peer, get approval from your manager

Configure Your

Report your cost and price calculation with an adjustable level of details depending on who will review it


Create with easy cost and price calculation for Project and Customers

Enter your milestones, resources workload, material ,and cost rates. Define risks and required gross margin and your price is defined in real time

Calculate on the fly resources, materials and risks, all in multi-currency conversion real-time

No matter if You use international resources and materials, your final cost and price will recalculate real-time into project currency with up to date conversion rates

Export Calculation with all or few details with the format of your choice

Generate your project cost with all details or just a price and everything between.

You can use pdf, xlsx or html format to export.

Shared cost and price calculation with email link, get it approved in your organization

All your customers, projects, calculation ,and its versions are stored in one place.

Those can be shared with your peers and manager with one click by sending a link. Get it approved and store calculation status


Subscription Plan

Prices are presented in net value, subject for applicable tax

For group and custom offers please contact us